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Every donation counts

Your donation is not just a gift; it is a lifeline that saves lives and a shield against the loss of limbs. I urge you to stand with us in this noble cause, as we strive to enhance the quality of care for the injured in Malawi. We take immense pride in our ongoing commitment to this vital mission. Together, united in purpose, we possess the power to create an enduring and profound impact on those who need it most.

Why join the donations?

    Your donation will:

  • Reducing the burden of Road Traffic Accidents, Improving trauma and orthopaedic care

  • Increase the level of expertise of orthopaedic professionals and help them stay up to date with New Treatment Trends & Controversies

  • Strengthen the Practice Management of orthopaedic care

  • Increase Leadership and Professional Development

  • Unite with stakeholders to form a strong voice on advocacy Issues

  • Give back to the Community in the whole nation of Malawi

  • Participate and shape Research Studies

  • Increase the Market for your Company, since you can partner with us and talk more of your product to the orthopaedic fraternity but also to the general public.

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